Avadim Hayinu: The Leather Seder

Avadim Hayinu: The Leather Seder
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Avadim Hayinu

The Leather Seder


Get your really old guard rep with a kosher and kink-celebrating haggadah written for the leather and alt-sex communities. Recline and reflect on the questions and puzzles of how we can embrace consensual slavery while rejoicing in our freedom. 

Accessible and goy-friendly, this haggadah has all the elements of a halachic seder, with text mostly in English. Some Hebrew with transliteration allows for anyone to join in. Suggestions in sidebars increase the potential for discussion, or offer alternative language for blessings and an occasional amusing aside. This is version 2, first celebrated at International Ms. Leather, with a stunning cover by photographer Michele Serchuck. 

This item is $18.00 for 1-3 copies.

If you would like 4-20 copies, it's only $9.00 each. And for 21+ it's only $6.00 each copy! Ideal for community seders. Please contact me at LAntoniou @ aol dot com for quantity purchasing. 

Also - the PDF is FREE because no one should be restricted from celebrating Passover for lack of money. Download via my Patreon 

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