Kvetch but Act button

Kvetch but Act button
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A good motto for our times. "Kvetch" means "to complain" in Yiddish. But it's more than simply a complaint. It's a dirge, a long-suffering, how-unfair, who-ordered-this, why-me kind of complaint. It's a cry to the heavens over the injustice of anything from cold coffee to the coming apocolypse. 

And yes, by all means, you should kvetch over $2 for a tiny little button! So nu? Come see me in person and get one for half that price! Or even for free if I should have extra! But for me to schlep to the mailbox for this? Two bucks is a steal. My cat should go hungry without her fancy-schmancy food? Of course not! Buy a button already. 

You want to get ten? Then we can talk discounts. 

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