No Safewords; Marketplace Fan Fiction

No Safewords - Marketplace Fan Fiction!
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No Safewords is an anthology of fan-written fiction set in the world of the Marketplace! To celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the first book in the series, Laura Antoniou opened the gates and allowed other people to play in the universe of owners and their property and of course, the trainers, spotters and agents who make that erotic world go 'round.

Ten stories of BDSM, submission, and service, written by some of the top erotica and alternative sexuality writers in the world, including D.L. King, Sassafras Lowrey, and Elizabeth Schechter - because they're fans as well as stirling authors in their own right. Snappy, happy stories of sex and dominance mingle with darker-edged tales of fear, loss and terror. Romance and high adventure are matched with wry humor and insider references. Readers will get to see a few familiar characters from the series and meet some new ones as well.

All that PLUS a striking cover featuring Mollene Williams!

As with all books sold here, this volume will be signed by Laura Antoniou. Please remember to note what name you would like your books inscribed to; otherwise, it will be signature only.

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