SOLD OUT! Leather wristband USB drive loaded with e-books!

SOLD OUT! Leather wristband USB drive loaded with e-books!
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What Would Chris Parker Do? is what the leather wristband SAYS...but what secret does it hide?

A USB drive, cleverly hidden in the clasp! And what's on the drive?

ALL of the currently available Marketplace books, (in 3 different e-book formats)

The Marketplace, The Slave, The Trainer, The Academy, The Reunion, No Safewords,

Scenes from The Marketplace and YES - THE INHERITOR.

That's SIX novels and two collections of short stories! That e-book collection alone is worth more than the price of the band.

But there's even MORE. Sample Laura Antoniou's gay male erotica, with a novel and a collection of short stories. Own the only two Christmas stories she's ever written, and get a peek at how she'd write paranormal adventure/erotica with a sample short. Or take a glimpse into her past with the first anthology she ever wrote, The Catalyst - later retitled as Cinema Erotica.

Not enough? Then enjoy some sampler collections of erotica from other authors, a cookbook (!) and some of the bonus files from The Inheritor, including two "missing" chapters.

ALL of this on one leather wristband! Marketplace e-books come in three different formats, all else as PDFs. Load the books onto every device you have, make backups, and wear this limited edition wristband, forever identified as the one made for the Kickstarter by the presence of the "Parker Rose" on the imprint. Whatever products may be made in the futue, you'll know exactly when this one came out.

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