The Academy

The Academy
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The Academy: Tales of the Marketplace continues the saga of resolute slaves and exacting owners begun in previous volumes (The Marketplace, The Slave, The Trainer). A dynamic culture of honor and duty embracing absolute servitude is the basis for the clandestine society known as the Marketplace. Sensuality, intelligence, and passion meld into exquisite eroticism and scenes of blazing sexuality and sexual diversity. The Marketplace is full of all kinds of slaves and trainers, of all genders and sexual tastes. In The Academy we follow Chris Parker and his trainee, Michael LaGuardia, to Japan, where a conclave of trainers is taking place. While the trainers swap cautionary tales and debate protocol, moves are being made that may change the Marketplace, and Chris's place in it, forever. This complete, full-length novel is a rich tapestry of sexuality and emotion, augmented by the inclusion of short stories by guest authors Karen Taylor, Cecilia Tan, Michael Hernandez, david stein, and M. Christian.

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