The Reunion

The Reunion
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At long last, Book 5, The Reunion in paperback! It's HUGE, over 1000 pages - but you can actually read the text, which is a VAST improvement over the previous edition!

The Reunion. In previous books in the Marketplace series, readers have gone behind the scenes at a slave auction, an owner's home, a trainer's house, and even the ephemeral world of the annual trainers' Academy. In "The Reunion" we visit a vacation resort for a Marketplace "family" gathering, where slaves, former slaves, trainers, and their spouses, significant others and family members can relax, let their hair down, and connect with each other. But the "reunion" that matters most is that of Robin Cassidy (the slave from "The Slave") and her first trainer, Chris Parker (the trainer from "The Trainer").

Of course the vacation resort isn't just any resort, it's Kaleigh Castle, a centuries-old Irish castle that is now a luxury hotel and happens to be where Chris learned many of the skills and practices that have made him so sought-after in the Marketplace. And while everyone enjoys their two most favorite indoor sports--gossip and sex--trouble is afoot. A nosy tabloid reporter thinks he's onto something: a real-life international slave trading ring.

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